Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Lounge Room Art Tour

Everything that hangs on my wall has a story, some meaning, something special to me. Nothing ends up there by accident. A tour of the art in my lounge room goes something like this:

This is a lacquer-work piece by an artist named Phong. I bought it at the sweetest little gallery in Hoi An and then had to lug it all over Vietnam! And it is heavy. But it was worth it. I love the shape of the tea cups. I was worried about getting it back into the country because it is painted onto a wooden surface. The customs officer was less worried about the wood and more worried about the crushed shell that makes up the teacups! I hadn't even thought about that!

A Michael Leunig Original! My pride and joy, drawn for me at a graduation ceremony in Melbourne, 2007. Michael was an Honorary Doctorate recipient and in the lead up to the ceremony I had been liaising with him about the ceremony details, including regalia and yes... socks. Thanks Michael - I love it.

My very clever friend, Mel Cramp, drew this portrait of me. A continuous line drawing without looking at the paper, oh wait, I mean coaster. This was done in the pub, on the back of a coaster. Mel, the resemblance is uncanny! 

 Oh I love this one. The gorgeous and talented Rebecca Hillis is the artist responsible for 'Four Sisters'. It appealed instantly and I love it everyday I see it. You can check out Bec's work at

Do you call it art? Dunno. Is it special? Absolutely. These tools belonged to my Dad, a carpenter, who passed away in 1974. A friend of his recently returned them to my mum and I scored a few to put in a frame. I think Wendy at Riverina Framers did a most wonderful job.

Next year, this piece will be 100 years old. My darling Nanna, Leny van Wel, stitched this in 1914, when she was 9 years old. The date at the bottom '1 Mei 1914' is what I am most thankful for about this piece. I only wish she had stitched her name or at least her initials somewhere on the sampler. 

So there you have it, the art of my lounge room. I love each piece, each for its own reason. I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse at the art in my lounge room.


  1. Every artwork gives a little glimpse of your heart Nicky, which is beautiful. Love these.

    1. Thanks Siobhan x Am so glad you like xx